The foundation of our work is the Functional Voice Pedagogy after EUGEN RABINE (Rabine method).
It takes into consideration fundamentally the anatomical, physiological and psychological aspects of our human nature.

This approach includes the general laws of human existence in terms of physics and biology, as well as the fact that every person is a unique and invariable individual with his or her own inner laws.

We respect and support the potential of all persons to control and organize themselves on all her or his levels.
Self-regulation is a process of a more and more complex network of the essential makeup of the person, for instance within the central nervous system, the locomotion apparatus, the mental categories - and within all their subsystems.

This network model is also the basis of the structure of our work, for example: The intense and regular exchange in our team, the practice of team teaching, the involvement of excellent artists and pedagogues and the cooperation with other institutions, as well as multiple contacts with scientists and artists of other fields. This netting is also relevant when a student receives instruction with two or even three of our team. Although we all teach in our individual styles, this method remains possible, for we refer to the same shared foundations and are in a regular exchange regarding our students (weekly review; monthly recital).

In our work we give particular attention to the interaction between vocal and musical event.
In light of this fact we work on music from the very beginning.

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