Hilde Frauendorfer  Voice teacher (CRT), Breathing, Speaking and Singing Teacher (Schlaffhorst-Andersen); Trainer and Supervisor of Voice Teachers(CRT)
Tel.: +49-(0)931 - 97554  
Armin Fuchs  Pianist, Composer, Certified Piano Teacher, Accompanist, Shiatsu practitioner, Nidan Aikido; Planning and Organizing of Concert Series
Tel.: +49-(0)931 - 8047976  
Renata Parussel  Singer, Voice Teacher (CRT), Trainer and Supervisor of Voice Teachers(CRT)  Tel.: +49-(0)931 - 663750  
Roland Seiler  Singer, Stage Director, Actor, Voice teacher (CRT), Trainer and Supervisor of Voice Teachers(CRT), Music Therapist  Tel.: +49-(0)931 - 886975  

In this formation the VOICE team has the chance to refer to a unique and impressive amount of qualifications and competencies.
Moreover, there are quite a few highly qualified coworkers to supplement the needs of each student. 

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