Individually designed vocal and artistic training

The established institutions meet the necessity to plan the curriculum in a rather general way covering the field completely.
The concept of VOICE follows another route:
–  The number of students is small.
–  The teachers are able to support each of them intently and interactively.
–  Each student must not learn everything, but rather exactly what she or he needs.

Preparation to start a professional carrier

Upon graduation young singers often find themselves unprepared for the difficult situation of finding work.
In the training concept of VOICE the students are prepared in the long-term for the auditions at opera houses and agencies and for the professional routine.

Coaching of professional singers

Beginners at the opera often meet a daily strain on there voice, which cannot be simulated during the training. An alarming number of young singers are not able to cope with these demands, particularly as the support through their music school ends with the graduation.
In the course of their professional career a singer requires feedback every so often, including attention paid to her/his vocal and artistic development.
The team of VOICE offers to support singers in different phases of their professional career as far as possible.

Therapeutic and vocal treatment in times of a professional or vocal crisis

The treatment of pathological diagnoses is not part of the responsibility of a voice teacher.
The specific qualifications in the team of VOICE however guarantee a competent treatment in such situations.

Further education of voice teachers, accompanists and stage directors

Development of an art never comes to an end, therefore one's education can never be fully completed.
VOICE offers in its seminars and workshops not only knowledge, but also the insight that research and continuous exchange are a part of the professional approach.
Particularly intense is the supervision for voice teachers that is offered by VOICE.


There is need of publications about voice pedagogy in German, particularly about its scientific foundations.
VOICE sees as its specific task to help the actual requirement.
There exists primarily the textbook Lieber Lehrer, Lieber Schüler (DearTeacher, Dear Student) in Spanish and German by Renata Parussel.
There exist also many unpublished manuscripts.

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