RENATA PARUSSEL was born 1947 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1965 Gratuated from high school; private lessons in Organ 1970 Diploma in music therapy

1966-1974 Private voice lessons

1975-1977 Member of the Opera Studio of the Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires

1988-1992 Trained as voice teacher (Certified Rabine Teacher) at the RABINE-Institute for Functional Voice Pedagogy.

1980-1982 Head of the studies for music therapy at the Hochschule für Musik, Würzburg Member of VOICE since 1991.

Since 1996 trains voice teachers and teaches pedagogic seminars in Argentina and Spain

1999 publishes the book „Lieber Lehrer, lieber Scchüler“ ( „Dear Teacher, Dear Student“)  

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